Five Things to Avoid Doing When Transporting Your Piano Cross-Country

Your piano may be one of the most precious items you own, so you definitely want to use caution when moving such a large, but delicate instrument. The piano is probably one of the most commonly moved large instruments. A piano is not something people wish to part with just because they are changing locations, but moving one isn’t as simple as loading it and taking off across the other side of the country. It requires detailed and unique planning, unlike other household furniture.


Because of the risks involved with moving such a large instrument, there are five important mistakes you should avoid when transporting your piano:

1. Don’t Underestimate the Weight

The weight and dimensions of a piano can be deceiving. Most pianos weigh between 500-1200 pounds, depending on whether it’s an upright or a grand piano. Never try to move one by yourself. If you are using long distance piano movers, be sure to get as accurate of a weight as possible, so they ensure they have the appropriate number of moving crew. Moving a piano requires a lot of help, which leads to the next thing to avoid:

2. Not Recruiting Enough Help

It is always recommended that you use a professional moving company. They are experienced with larger items, and knowledgeable in how to handle and transport them. Even for a smaller piano, it requires at least 3-4 adults, which may not be readily available to you. Professional piano movers are also insured, protecting themselves and your prized possession.

3. Using the Casters for Moving

You have probably noticed the tiny wheels on the legs of your piano. These are the piano casters, and mostly for decoration, not function. If you have an older piano, the casters have aged with the piano as well and are even more unreliable. Even if your piano is brand new, the casters were not meant to support the entire weight of the piano and using them to do so should be avoided.

4. Using the Wrong Moving Equipment

Utilizing the proper equipment will ensure your piano arrives safely and damage-free. It also reduces the risk of injury to you and your helpers. Many people think just using a standard dolly cart will do the job when instead, a four-wheeled piano dolly is recommended. It’s also a good idea to invest in piano padding and straps.

As mentioned before, professional movers are always a good idea. They have the appropriate equipment to move large, heavy items such as this.

5. Not Allowing Enough Time

You’re excited to move to your new home, and you may even be on a time limit. But rushing during the move of a large object like a piano can be dangerous to you and your helpers. Plan ahead to allow plenty of time, so injuries, damage, and mistakes can be avoided.


Moving can be a stressful time, especially when dealing with huge pieces of furniture, equipment or instruments. Taking the safest approach to moving these items will result in a successful move, so when it’s over, you can relax and enjoy your new home…and your piano.


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